WineGlass Ranch : Cochrane, Alberta

Heritage Ranching With a Modern Focus

Welcome to the WineGlass Ranch, nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills west of Calgary, Alberta, near the town of Cochrane.

The WineGlass Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch where cowboys and cowgirls live and work like our ancestors did. For over 139 years we have been producing top quality beef on the same land near Cochrane, Alberta.

The WineGlass Ranch is currently operated by Travis Eklund, the 5th generation on the ranch, along with his beautiful wife Kara Eklund and their children.

“Heritage Ranching With a Modern Focus” are words we live by every day.  We ranch using similar methods to our forefathers:

  •  The WineGlass Ranch is presently home to approximately 300 Angus cross cow-calf pairs.
  • Most of our cattle work is done with horses
  • Our cattle are raised with minimal handling and stress
  • Most of our pastures are untouched native grasses
  • Animal and environmental health is of paramount importance

At the same time we are using modern ideas and technology to monitor and improve the ranch:

  • Active riparian and rangeland health management.
  • Software tools to assist with herd management
  • Modern equipment to improve efficiency and safety
  • Recycling of twine, old wire, oil, chemicals, etc.
  • Diversification and expansions of the ranch business to meet a growing urban demand

Everyone on the ranch works hard to keep it environmentally friendly and sustainable.   Large areas of the WineGlass Ranch remain native pasture.  The WineGlass Ranch is home to approximately 20 species of mammals as well as numerous kinds of birds and fish.  Thanks to the hard work of our entire family, the WineGlass Ranch received the Alberta Beef Producers Environmental Stewardship Award in 2004.

The WineGlass Ranch is excited to provide Natural Beef directly from our ranch to your table.  We offer natural beef that is healthy, high quality, hormone & antibody free, grain finished (tastes better than grass finished!) and delivered right to your door.  The natural beef is raised, start to finish, right here on the ranch.  The customer knows their beef is coming from a local, trusted source.  Please visit our Natural Beef tab on the website for more information.

The WineGlass Ranch is proud to partner with groups and individuals to provide a venue for outdoor education, teambuilding workshops, school field trips, international agricultural tours and working ranch tours.