Eat Beef If You Care About the Environment – Toronto Sun

This article published in the Toronto Sun is 100% accurate. Our ranch is home to over 20 species of animals. Everything from mice to bears, rabbits to elk. And it’s all thanks to using our cows efficiently. The buffalo used to graze this land. Now we use cows.

Over-grazing wrecks the land. Everyone knows that. But what about under-grazing? Under-grazing can be just as bad, especially with native grasses (rough fescue). If grass isn’t grazed, eventually the ground cover becomes so thick that sun and rain can’t penetrate the the ground.

I once saw a field that hadn’t be grazed for 20 years. When I moved the old grass litter away the ground underneath was bare dirt. The land was almost barren.  If there had been cows on that land the plant density and health would have been 100x better.