Natural Beef

WineGlass Ranch Natural Beef

Serving Grass Fed and Grain Finished Natural Beef to Calgary, Cochrane and Area 

We have always eaten our own beef on the ranch. It surpasses all others.  When company comes over for supper they can’t get enough of our beef… so we decided to offer our beef directly to the customer.

Our promise is to provide the highest quality natural beef directly to consumers in Calgary and surround area.

WineGlass Natural Beef is Angus-cross beef that is naturally and ethically raised, from start to finish, right here on the ranch. Our feed quality and handling methods ensure flavour and tenderness that is better than anything you will find in the store.

WineGlass Ranch Natural Beef Steak

WineGlass Ranch natural beef is free of added growth hormones and antibiotics.

All WineGlass Ranch natural beef is grass fed and grain finished.  Our cattle are fed top quality native grass and hay and provided with free-choice grain during finishing.
Grain finished beef has all the health benefits of grass fed beef!  The difference is grain finishing adds wonderful marbling and delicious flavour to the beef.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Grain finished beef is safe for those with Celiac Disease. We have many customers with Celiac Disease who enjoy our natural beef daily.

WineGlass Ranch natural beef is ethically raised in a low stress environment.
The animals have lots of room, plenty of good feed and clean water and are handled as slowly and quietly as we can.  This low stress environment is a key contributor to the tenderness of our beef.

WineGlass Ranch natural beef is finished right here on the ranch. The animals are not mixed with strange animals in an off-site feedlot.

Our beef is dry aged for 21 days. It is cut and wrapped to your specifications at a government inspected facility. The beef is then frozen. We will deliver your order right to your door (Calgary and surround areas).

We are proud to partner with LJ Ranch Natural Beef.



Currently our beef is available from December to June only. You can place your order at anytime but it is a first come first serve basis. It is recommended that you place your order at least 3 months in advance of your preferred delivery date.

When you place an order we will offer suggestions regarding the different options for each cut. the goal is to customize your order to suit your needs.
For example: Do you want the T-bone whole or divided into New York strip and fillet mignion?  Do you want the Prime Rib as steaks or roasts?  How big do you want your hamburger packages?

Minimum order size is 1/4 beef. This means you get 1/4 of all the cuts!  Your order will include Prime Rib, T-bone, Cross Rib, Sirloin, Chuck, Round, Ground Beef, Ribs, Shank (soup bones).

  • A 1/4 beef will be delivered in 3 to 4 legal sized boxes (14”x10”x8” each).
  • If a 1/4 beef is too large we recommend splitting it with your friends. Just spread the frozen packages on the kitchen table and divide it up!



We offer free delivery of our natural beef to your door for Calgary and surround area.  Your natural beef order will be frozen when it’s delivered.

After you have placed your order for a specific month (December to June) we will discuss the date and time of delivery with you.



Our pricing is very competitive, even when compared to supermarket pricing!  Please contact us for more information.